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1.   TWO lifters pull ONE deadlift bar in tandem. 

2.   The barbell will be loaded evenly each side, placed on the platform with the requested weight for the lifting attempt. Both lifters approach the barbell on the platform together. They position themselves inside the barbell with their preferred alignment and hand grip. (A standard 7’ powerlifting deadlift barbell is used).

3.   Both lifters simultaneously pull the barbell upward to the finish position. Each lifter must be locked out at the knees, hips, with straight torso and standing erect.

4.   The center referee will give both a verbal “DOWN” signal and visual arm motion signal to indicate that the lift is over. 

5.   For safety purposes a referee may give the “DOWN” signal prematurely to prevent injury from the bar being dropped early by one of the two lifters

before lockout.

Causes for Disqualification of a Deadlift:

1.   Any downward motion of the bar on either lifter’s side before the barbell reached the final lockout position.

2.   Failure of both lifters to stand fully erect and motionless.

3.   Supporting or “balancing” the barbell on the thighs or “hitching” during the upward movement.

4.   Any foot movement, step or stumble during the upward lifting.

5.   Lowering the barbell before receiving the signal.

6.   Allowing the barbell to return to the platform without maintain control with both hands of both lifters.