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When two strength athletes combine their efforts, the amount of weight lifted can be unbelievable! The heaviest load ever deadlifted by two people is set at 1,915 pounds! That's 850 kilograms for the British duo of Eddie Hall and Mark Felix, set in June 2016.

The tandem deadlift is currently popular in the strongman sport's world, but has it's roots in powerlifting. It's time for the resurrection - THE DOUBLE DEADLIFT LEAGUE HAS ARRIVED! World powerlifting champions Larry Pacifico and Mariah Liggett have teamed up to form the first official LEAGUE for Double Deadlifting Competitions!


Larry Pacifico is an American former world champion powerlifter. Larry won nine straight IPF World Powerlifting Championships from 1971 - 1979. Larry won a total of 102 competitions and set 54 world records during his powerlifting career.

Mariah Liggett is also an American former world champion powerlifter. Mariah won fifteen World Powerlifting Championships, and is a multi-world record holder. Her records include a 1000 lb world record for the two-female deadlift.

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