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Sunday March 3, 2019, National Championships Double Deadlift at the Arnold Sports Festival, Columbus, Ohio

The Double Deadlift National meet will be a featured strength show at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival! Located at the downtown Columbus Convention Center, Rooms 120A, all pre-qualified double deadlift teams will showcase their lifts. See info on “Qualifying for the 2019 Arnold Sports Fest.” Contact Mariah Liggett <> 614-256-1973 regarding event details.

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Feb. 2, 2019 Double Deadlift Qualifier for the Arnold 2019

Get your partner, start training together and enter the category of your choice.  Meet will be held at TWO separate locations:

1) Lexen/PowerMaxx Gym, Grove City, Ohio.   Contact meet director, Mariah Liggett <> or call 614-256-1973.

2. Pacifico Power Gym, 270 N. Dixie Drive, Vandalia, Ohio. Contact meet director, Larry Pacifico at 937-477-1969.

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to Feb 23

How to Qualify to Compete in the 2019 Arnold Sports Fest Double Deadlift

All double deadlift teams must pre-qualify to enter the 2019 DDL at the Arnold Sports Fest. Options to qualify:

  1. Compete in an official powerlifting meet that hosts the Double Deadlift event in conjunction. Lift the required amount of weight per division. Acquire signature of referee stating weight lifted, date, category, names, bodyweight. Scan and send to email: <>

  2. Send a quality-filmed video(s) of your double deadlift completed lift. Video must clearly show the weight successfully lifted, the weights loaded on the bar, the body weight for each lifter. Send email with attached videos and list names, category, weight to <>

  3. Compete at the February 2, 2019 events at two locations listed below:

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